Allen Curreri lives in Ohio, where he’s been working with Graywolf Research Group (CRO) Since 2017 as a Senior Medical Writer and Principal Investigator. He earned his Ph.D. in Management: Developing Sustainable Systems from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management. Allen’s current professional and academic endeavors, alongside his many certifications, have made him uniquely equipped to analyze the present state of mindfulness training for physicians– and to offer potential solutions.

Alongside his mindfulness training, Allen Curreri is a Certified Principal Investigator by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. He is also GCSRT Certified in Epidemiology and Clinical trials from Harvard Medical School and Certified in Epidemiology for Public Health Professionals from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

Allen’s research on clinical decision-making is primarily based on the quantitative data he has gathered during his time at Case Western. He has successfully reached out to 1000+ ER physicians to gain firsthand insights. Paired with his large professional network, which he grew over his past decade of experience in healthcare, Allen has created a large pool of resources and information which he will use to guide his conclusions.